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107 49241 <![CDATA[The After]]> 576316 27 Mar 2014

Dramma post-apocalittico che narra le vicende di un gruppo di otto sopravvissuti che devono fare squadra e aiutarsi a vicenda per riuscire a trovare un modo per vivere in un mondo devastato che sfida ogni logica.

Call it the Apopcalypse: Pop culture’s continuing fascination with the end of the world as we know it. The latest work of epic eschatology is The After, a new mid-apocalyptic pilot from Chris Carter, the man behind shows like The X-Files and Millennium. The show will debut as part of Amazon Studios’ second-ever pilot season—with an exact premiere date still TBA—and viewers will get to decide whether they want a full season to find out what brought human civilization to a grinding halt. It looks a bit Lost-y in how it keeps most of its plot points in a mystery box, as eight (possibly connected) strangers are trapped together following an unexplained event. Check out the trailer below.

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